torstai 8. marraskuuta 2012

Terveisiä Wienistä! Hello from Vienna!

On November 6th, a small group of educators and students (a fabulous four!) started towards Vienna, the capital of Austria, to meet up with some more educators and students from different institutions of higher learning across Europe. We first braved the strong winds on Wednesday to attend the conference held by ENPHE, the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education, which aims to improve communication and interaction between different European institutions of higher education offering Physiotherapy degrees.

The ENPHE conference consisted of focus group presentations of themes that had been processed and worked on since 2009. The conference marked the end of one era for ENPHE, and it was aptly titled "Gazing Horizon for ENPHE's Dynamic Future". A new interactive website of Finnish design was also launched.

The conference also saw the International Student Body within ENPHE organize, along with a separate student program that took place on the 6th. The student program consisted of several interesting learning tasks, but due to our scheduling conflicts, we were unable to attend.

Our Day One in Vienna was long and rewarding, and we closed the day in anticipation of the next day's congress of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy...

Emilia & Elina

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